The World is Laughing at Trump. Literally…

In case you missed it, Donald Trump just told another lie.

Yes, that’s nothing new. It’s what we as citizens of the United States have come to expect from our president. Lies and personal attacks on Twitter. You know, the picture perfect example of acting presidential.

In case you missed it, Donald Trump just told another lie.

This lie, however, was a little different. Because this time he wasn’t talking at one of his rallies. He wasn’t talking to reporters who, in an effort to maintain credibility, don’t call out the president as much as they should when he lies. This time, the response was, in Trump’s own words, “Not what I expected.”

That’s because representatives from around the world openly laughed at him. They know his bullshit and they were having none of it.

The lie he told was that during his short time in office he’s already accomplished more than almost any other administration in the United State’s history. I don’t even need to cite any sources for anybody to realize how utterly false this is. If you’ve ever heard any of the names George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, or Dwight D. Eisenhower then you are well aware that Trump doesn’t even come close to the things those men accomplished. To imply that he has, well… It’s simply ridiculous.

The Germans then laughed at Trump as well.

But not even those men. Trump is still lagging behind many other presidents in terms of accomplishments. Way behind… a recent survey done by nearly 200 political science scholars (you know, experts in their field) ranked Trump as the worst president in the history of the United States. To be fair, it’s still early so he could possibly turn it around. But, so far, he sucks.

As always, though, he likes to claim he took the United States from a desperate hell-hole to a shining success overnight, but this denies so many realities that I can’t even try to put them all in a single article. But, as a quick reminder, the US was doing pretty great before Trump got into office, and the man has done little more than ride the wave on many issues.

So, Trump told his little lie, and the world responded. Later, he made the completely false and unverified claim that, unless they soon change their ways, Germany will soon be completely dependant on Russia for its energy needs.

The Germans then laughed at Trump as well.

The world is laughing at our president. Not because he’s funny. Not because he has the smooth charm of his predecessor. Not because they respect him.

The world is laughing at our president because he has shown once again that he’s still a spoiled little rich kid who thinks that he can make up stories whenever he wants and everyone needs to listen to him. His braggart approach to every issue is simply ridiculous. There’s no other way to put it. I don’t care what party you represent, and I don’t care who you are. This type of behavior is not acceptable for any decent human being.

Trump. Shut up and just run the country. Stop trying to talk about how great you are and go actually do something other than play golf every single weekend. Stay off Twitter, stop hurling insults at anyone who criticizes you, and at least try to act as if you possess even the slimmest bit of humility and class. Please!

This. Is. Not. Okay!

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