DNC, It’s Time To Move On. Drop the Bum!

DNC, you could do so much better. Why you still with that bum? He's not even that good looking. Just sayin...

There’s nothing more frustrating in the world than having a friend who keeps going back to a terrible partner. No matter what you say, they never accept the fact that they’re in an unhealthy relationship. You explain the reasons that their partner is trash. You show them evidence. You beg and plead for them to see the truth. You do everything you can, but it never gets through.

“Oh,” they say. “It’s not that bad. You just don’t know them like I do.”

It makes you want to shake the shit out of them. It makes you want to scream. Because, no, you don’t know the toxic person the same way. You’re not blinded by the past, not blinded by emotion. You see the person for who they really are and it’s impossible to get that knowledge across to your friend.

Well, DNC, I’m here to tell you that you can do better.

Like others in your situation, you stay with such a shitty person because it’s comfortable for you. You’ve been with them for so long that it’s all you know at this point. Going on without them, well… it just seems impossible. It’s too hard, and too scary. I get your fear. But it’s time to get your shit together. Go find you a big-ass suitcase, gather up all your shit, and get it the fuck together.

You’re still committed to that centrist status-quo candidate, and it’s killing you. I know that you’ve been with that person for the last forty years and you think that your relationship with them is still the same and can go on forever. It’s everybody else who doesn’t get it. But, you’re wrong.

There’s somebody out there who’s better for you. You’ve been stuck in a rut for so long you don’t even realize how much better you could have it. There’s no reason to stay with that person who’s not fulfilling your needs. It’s time to ditch that lame jerk and get with somebody willing to do that thing you say you like but never get.

Stop being a pushover. Wake up, and realize that you’ve changed. You’ve grown, and you’re strong enough to finally take a chance.

I promise you that we’ll be here to support you.

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